Information of Hyperthermia

Korean Society for Thermal Medicine

Treatment principle and characteristic

In order to transfer heat to the core, a therapeutic method has been developed to destroy cancer cells by applying heat of about 38.5 to 43 ° C to cancer cells using a high frequency of 0.1 MHz or more. In normal cells, when the temperature in the body increases, the blood vessels expand and release heat. However, the temperature of cancer tissue locally rises because the blood vessels do not expand and the heat is not discharged. As the temperature rises, blood clots are generated due to heat, resulting in blood clotting, which causes the cancer cells to be cut off from the nutritional supply and become necrotic.
Such cancer hyperthermia not only enhances the effect of radiation therapy by promoting cell metabolism in conjunction with radiation therapy, but also increases the permeability of the cell membrane and enhances the effect of anti-cancer drug when it is combined with anti-cancer therapy