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Terms of Sign up for a Membership
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Terms of Sign up for a Membership

Article 1 Purpose

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are intended to prescribe the rights, duties and responsibilities of the users in using the internet homepage (www.ksotm.com) provided by the Korean Society for Thermal Medicine (hereinafter referred to as "Society").

Article 2 Definition of User

• ①  " Korean Society for Thermal Medicine homepage" refers to a virtual space constructed by using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide services to users, and refers to websites operated by the Society.

• ② "User" means a member or non-member who accesses the website of the Korean Society for Thermal Medicine and receives services provided by the Society in accordance with these Terms.

• ③"Member" means the person who is registered as a member after accessing the website of the Korean Society for Thermal Medicine, providing personal information to the Society in accordance with the Terms, agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and a person who can continue to use the services provided by the Society.

• ④"ID" means the combination of letters and numbers made by the member and approved by the Society for the identification of "member" and the use of services by member.

• ⑤ "Password" means the combination of letters or numbers made by the member himself / herself in order to confirm that the member is in conformity with the ID (ID) approved by the Society and to protect the personal information of the member.

Article 3 Sign up for a Membership

• ① Someone who wants to be a user, he/she can apply for membership by filling in the member information according to the registration form set by the Society and clicking on the "Sign up" button.

• ② The Society shall register the applicant as a member as long as he / she applying for membership as in Paragraph 1 does not fall under any of the following subparagraphs.

• 1. The applicant has lost his / her membership in violation of the provisions of these Terms. However, except for those who have passed three years after the loss of membership, and have obtained the membership re-approval of the Society.

• 2. False, missing, or wrong entries in the registration.

• 3. In other cases, it is judged that the registration of a member is significantly impeded by the technology of the Society.

• ③ The membership contract is established when the consent of the society reaches the applicant.

• ④ ④ If a member changes the contents of the member information described in Paragraph 1, he / she shall correct the changes immediately.

Article 4 Effect and Amendment of Terms

• ① The Society publishes the contents of these Terms and Conditions on the initial service screen of the website of the Korean Society for Thermal Medicine so that the members can easily understand the contents of these Terms.

• ② The Society may revise these Terms to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of the Terms, the Basic Act on Electronic Commerce, the Digital Signature Act, the Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection,

• ③ When revising the Terms of Use, the Society shall specify the date of application and the reason for the revision and notify the initial screen of the homepage together with the current terms from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date. However, if the contents of the Terms are changed unfavorably to the members, the Society shall announce at least 30 days in advance of the grace period. In this case, the Society shall clearly compare the contents before the revision with the contents after the revision, and display them in a way that is easy for the members to understand.

• ④ Members have the right to refuse the revised Terms. If a member does not agree to the revised terms, he / she may stop using the service and terminate his / her registration. However, if he / she continues to use the Service after the effective date of the revised Terms, he / she is deemed to have accepted the changes of the Terms.

• ⑤ The Society shall not be held responsible for damage caused by the member who does not know the changed information.

Article 5 Consent to Use of Member Information

• ① For the personal information of members, the Society’s privacy policy applies.

• ② Membership information of the Society is collected, used and managed as follows.

• 1. Collection of Personal Information: The Society collects information about members through the information provided by members when joining the services of the Society and the information provided by the members for community activities.

• 2. Use of Personal Information: The Society does not disclose or distribute the collected member's personal information to third parties without the consent of the member. The following are exceptions: such cases that there is a request by a state agency under the provisions of the Act, such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications, a request for criminal investigation, a request by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or a request made by other related laws and regulations, or the member discloses his / her personal information to the Society by himself / herself. 

• 3. Personal Information Management: You may edit or delete your personal information from time to time in the homepage membership information for the protection and management of personal information.

• 4. Protection of Personal Information: Your personal information can only be viewed / modified / deleted by you, and you should not notify your password to others. Be sure to log out at the end of the work and to close web browser window. (This is necessary to protect your information if you use the computer in public places such as Internet cafes or libraries that share your computer with others.)

• 5. Miscellaneous: Please note that personal information you voluntarily provide online, such as bulletin boards and e-mails, may be collected and used by others. Personal information that appears in public spaces may cause unwanted situations. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, and the Society will not be held responsible for the consequences of the leakage of personal information.

• ③ In accordance with these Terms, a member's consent to the use of the Society shall be deemed to be the consent of the Society to collect, use and provide the member information described in the application.

Article 6 Suspension of Service

• ① The Society may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication, etc., and any other reason. The services provided at present can be completely discontinued due to reasons that the Society deems appropriate, such as the replacement of a new service.

• ② In case of discontinuance of service under Paragraph 1, the Society shall notify the user in the manner prescribed in Paragraph 2 of Article 8. However, except for cases where advance notice is not possible due to interruption of service (Disk failure, system down, etc., not intention or error of the system administrator) by reason that the Society cannot control

Article 7 Withdrawal of user and loss of qualification

• ① ① The user may request the Society to cancel membership registration at any time (withdrawal of the user), and upon receiving the above request, the Society will execute the procedure for canceling the member's membership registration.

• ② If the user falls under any of the following grounds, the Society may limit, suspend or lose the user's membership in an appropriate manner.

• 1. In the case he / she registered false information at the time of application.

• 2. In the case he /she threatens the electronic trading order, such as interfering with the use of the society by others or stealing the information

• 3. If he / she uses the Society to prohibit the laws and regulations, or to violate the public order and good morals.

• ③ If the Society decides to lose his / her membership, it will cancel membership registration. In this case, the Society will notify it to the member who is the user before the membership registration is canceled, and give an opportunity to call.

Article 8 Notice to User

• ① If the Society notifies the user of any matters other than the amendment of the terms set forth in Article 4, the email address given by the Society or entered at the time of enrollment may be used.

• ② The Society may substitute individual notices by posting on the bulletin board for more than one week, in case of notifying the unspecified number of users about matters other than amendment of the conditions set forth in Article 4.

Article 9 Protection of User's Personal Information

① 학회는 관련법령이 정하는 바에 따라서 이용자 등록정보를 포함한 이용자의 개인정보를 보호하기 위하여 노력합니다. 이용자의 개인정보보호에 관해서는 관련법령 및 학회가 정하는 개인정보취급방침에 정한 바에 의합니다.

Article 10 Obligations of the Society

• ①The Society strives to protect the user's personal information including user registration information as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. The protection of the user 's personal information shall be determined by the relevant laws and regulations or the privacy policy set by the Society.

• ② The Society shall not engage in acts that are prohibited by laws and regulations or acts contrary to public order and good morals, and strive to provide continuous and stable service in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

• ③ The Society will not send commercial emails that users do not want.

• ④ The Society assumes the responsibility to compensate the user for the damage caused by the intention or serious negligence of the Society in using the service.

Article 11 Duty to User's ID and Password

• ① Each user is responsible for the management of his / her ID and password, except that the Society is responsible for the related laws and privacy policy.

• ② He / she must not allow third parties to use his / her ID and password.    

• ③ If the user recognizes that his or her ID and password are stolen, or that a third party is using it, he / she must notify the Society immediately, and if there is guidance from the society, he / she should follow it.

Article 12 Obligations of User

• ① The user should not do any of the following acts.

• 1. Register false information when signing up for a member or changing membership

• 2. Changing the information posted on the conference

• 3. Infringes on the moral or intellectual property rights of the Society or other third parties, or interferes with their work.

• 4. Stealing another member's identity

• 5. Mailing such as junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, emails suggesting joining the pyramid organization, mails containing messages, images or voices that includes obscene or violent content. Disclosure or posting the information that are contrary to the public order and good morals.

• 6. Transmitting or posting information (such as a computer program) that is prohibited to transmit or post, under applicable law.

• 7. Sending mails by impersonating or pretending to be an employee of the Society or manager of the service provided by the Society. Posting or sending mails by stealing someone's name

• 8. Post or e-mail data that contains software viruses, computer code, files, or programs designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, telecommunications equipment.

• 9. Stalking (stalking) acts that harass other users.

• 10. to collect, store and disclose personal information about other users without their consent. 

• 11. Doing business for profit by using the services of the society, such as posting advertisements or propaganda, or sending spam mail to a large number of unspecified persons.

• 12. Violate the terms or the terms of use of the services provided by the Society;

• ② If there is a user who has acted in accordance with Paragraph 1, the Society may limit, suspend, or terminate the user's membership in an appropriate manner as provided in Article 7, Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3 of this Terms.

• ③ The user is responsible for compensating for the damage suffered by the society or other users due to his / her reasons.

Article 13 Change of Member’s Information

• ① If a member has any changes in his / her information (address, e-mail address, etc.), he / she shall immediately notify and modify the web site operated by the Society.

• ② Members are solely responsible for any problems arising from the failure to notify or not to revise any changes to the Membership, which may be the reason for suspension and termination of the Services.

Article 14 Deletion of Public Posts

If the content of the user's public postings falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the Society may delete the public posts without prior notice to the user and limit, suspend or lose the user's membership status.

• 1. Content that defames or damages other users or third parties

• 2. Contents that distribute information, sentence, figure, etc. that violate public order and good morals

• 3. What is judged to be related to criminal activity

• 4. Content that infringes on the copyrights or other rights of other users or third parties

• 5. What is judged to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations

Article 15 Copyrights Ownership and Use Restrictions

• ① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights are copyrighted by the Society.

• ② The user should not use the information obtained by using the society for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the society or use it for a third party by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting and other methods.

Article 16 Compensation for Damages

The Society shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the service provided free of charge to the member, except in cases where the damages are caused by serious negligence of the Society.

Article 17 Disclaimer

• ① The Society shall not be held responsible for any disruption in service due to the reasons of users and members, if it cannot provide services due to natural disasters or other force majeure events.

• ② The Society shall not be held responsible for any disruption to the use of the Service due to reasons attributable to Users and Members.

• ③ The Society shall not be held liable for damages incurred by information obtained by users and members using the services.

• ④ The Society is not responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the information offered through the service provided by the Society.

• ⑤ The Society shall not be liable for the contents of the materials posted or transmitted by users and members.

Article 18 Rule other than the terms

① The matters not specified in these Terms shall be governed by the relevant laws and the commercial practices.

Article 19. The jurisdiction of the trial

Any dispute between the Society and the User regarding the use of the Services shall be brought before the Seoul Central District Court or the courts of the Republic of Korea having jurisdiction over the Civil Procedure Act.


These Terms will be effective from March 1, 2017.

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