Information of Hyperthermia

Korean Society for Thermal Medicine

What is hyperthermia?

What is Thermal Therapy?

The hyperthermia has been recognized as a fundamental and effective means of treating various diseases from ancient times, both east and west. Balneotherapy, moxibustion and warm bath are complementary therapies that have been recognized worldwide. When the warmth is applied to the human body, the blood flow is increased, nutrients, leukocytes and antibodies are introduced and metabolites and tissue debris are released due to vasodilation, promoting the elimination of the inflammatory response, and the immune function becomes active. Since the end of the 19th century, cancer has been found to be more vulnerable to heat than normal cells. It has been observed that the sarcoma of patients suffering from a high fever for a long time as an infectious disease has been treated or alleviated, and these principles have been used as an adjuvant therapy for cancer treatment in the medical field in recent years.